A bit more about me

After working as a librarian for nearly 30 years I decided in 2019 to retrain as a Celebrant with Civil Ceremonies Ltd. It may seem like an abrupt change of direction but there is at least one thing that Librarians and Celebrants have in common - we LOVE a good story!

I’ve been passionate about stories all my life, and I believe that our lives are the most important stories we will ever tell. My life. Your life. The unfolding narrative that we craft with everything we do, think or say. Our stories create our realities, the very worlds we live in.

My story

And I believe passionately that we should celebrate our lives and those big milestones along the way. Life, especially the way we live it today, can be a frenzied old business and it's so easy to miss the full beauty, magnificent strangeness and importance of certain moments - defining moments and turning points - in all the speed and noise.


I'm an instinctive non-conformist. A Mystic, a Hippy, a Bohemian, an Alchemist. I adore the richness and sheer potential of our eclectic societies. The languages, the mythologies, the music, the histories. The marvels that occur when these ingredients are blended with love, imagination and intelligence. Wrap all that in art, story and music and what you get is Alchemy, Spellcraft, Magick! 

This is what excites me.

I'm equally fascinated and inspired by alternative sub-cultures and lifestyles. If you're a Goth, Steampunk, a Pagan or Heathen; if you're Otherkin (identifying as partially or wholly non-human); if you express some aspect of your identity through costume or role-play; if you live off-grid and strive to be at peace with Gaia, I salute you!

Life is incalculably richer, deeper, more magical and meaningful because of you. And so many who  would otherwise feel alienated and lost in this world have a home, a tribe, an identity.

Not least of all - me.

And even if you don't know a Deva from a Dark Elf, if you suspect the least bit of 'magic' in your soul I can still be your Celebrant. However 'conventional' your life may seem compared to some, believe me it isn't. There's nothing 'conventional' about any of our lives. Life is simply too big, mysterious and wonderful to be trapped in a box with 'normal' on the label !    

In Edinburgh at festival time a few years ago, buzzing with the sheer energy of it, I found myself thinking "this is how life should be lived! Consciously and creatively in the spirit of a celebration". We celebrate lots of things with festivals; the turning of the year, music, literature, art, sacred days. Imagine bringing all the energy, colour, variety and creativity of a festival to your Life's big moments! That's why I'm the Festival Celebrant.

"Paul embodies the magic you find in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. He will cast his spell over you and yours and you will love him for it!"


Dee Dunphy

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The Festival Celebrant

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