Writing-only option

Do you want your big sis, your dad or BFF to lead your ceremony?

Great – it’s your big day so it should be done your way. But I can still help.

Planning the moves, choosing the words (music, readings, little rituals etc) and getting everything down on paper, is time consuming and tricky. Especially when you're popping with excitement and trying to do a million and one other things as well. But the planning and writing, editing and revising are essential for a great ceremony. And you want your ceremony to be great - right?

Planning and writing are the lion's share of a Celebrant's job; leading the ceremony on the day is really the cherry on the icing. I like doing it, but I'll happily step aside for your big sis, dad or BFF if that's what you want.


if this sounds like you, I offer a writing/planning only

service for 75% of the full service fees as listed.

Please contact me for more details.