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Achilles & Patroclus. Sid & Nancy. Gaius & Number Six. Merlin & Nimue. Gomez & Morticia. Rama & Sita. Frida & Diego. You and ...?   (For lots of stuff about all sorts of ceremonies see my blog)

Commitment celebrations

Price £450

You want to celebrate a special union but you don't want a Wedding or Civil Partnership celebration - perhaps legal status isn't important or appropriate? 

A Commitment Ceremony is the ideal choice.

And Commitment Ceremonies aren't only for couples. Anybody (or group of bodies) can commit to each other, to an idea or a shared endeavour. Perhaps you just want to commit to yourself! 

Create something with all the symbolic richness of the most elaborate wedding, or something tiny and exquisitely intimate. This really is a ceremony for all occasions.

Handfasting celebrations

Price £300


Handfasting today is literally a binding of hands with cords or ribbons accompanied by vows, oaths, blessings, or pledges.

It can be used as a symbolic action within a larger ceremony or it can be the ceremony itself.

Handfasting has been evolving for centuries from a simple clasping of hands, so there are no 'right' or 'wrong' ways of doing it, just a vast array of options. 

I'd be chuffed to hear from you if you want to talk some more about creating a Handfasting ritual.

And just to clear one issue up: Handfasting doesn't equal pagan, so feel free to use it in your celebration whatever your belief system. See my blog for more.

Civil partnership celebrations

Price £450

I'm sometimes asked "why have a civil partnership now marriage is available to everybody?" It's an interesting question. My answer goes something like this.

Even if you're not having an overtly religious or traditional ceremony, 'marriage' is steeped in certain associations, symbols and expectations and you simply might not want them playing a part on your big day. You might feel uncomfortable in a place of worship if it's not your own (or you don't worship). You might simply want a very specific type of ceremony or have a dream venue in mind. If any of these resonate with you a civil partnership ceremony would be a fantastic choice.

Vow-renewal celebrations

Price £300

Vow renewal ceremonies are a fantastic way to inject a dose of conscious intent back into an established relationship. Revisit promises and re-energise vows. Make new ones in the light of the wisdom that comes with experience and maturity.

If you meant them the first time why not say them, and mean them, again!

Wedding celebrations

Price £450

Have you done the legal bit and now want to celebrate your union properly? In style? On your terms?

Share your 'couple story' with family and friends. Tie the knot in a special location. Dress up in period or character costume. Wed under a full moon or as the sun rises. Blend your cultural, spiritual or other belief systems in a ceremony that's totally unique to you.


Contact me and I'll help you create the wedding day you always wanted!

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