Fees and payment details

  • ​Commitment ceremonies 

  • Handfasting ceremonies



  • ​Naming ceremonies 

  • Coming out ceremonies 

  • Re-birthing ceremonies 

  • Parting ceremonies

  • Vow renewal ceremonies

  • Seasonal ceremonies 

from £500


  • ​Placemaking ceremonies 


from £400

from £300


Booking fee - 50% of full fee - due at time of booking (non-refundable, unless cancelling within 14 days of booking - please see FAQ for full details).

Final balance due two calendar months before the ceremony date.

The balance must reach my bank account and clear at least 6 weeks before the date of the ceremony or I will consider our contract terminated and will be unable to supply you with the final ceremony script, or conduct your ceremony. (For details of cancellation after balance is paid see FAQ).




This is the price for a full, stand-alone Handfasting in which the binding of hands is the main component and focus of the ceremony.  

I also offer Handfasting as an optional Symbolic action within another ceremony. This is not the full Handfasting quoted above but a brief, simplified act and as such will be included in the price of your main ceremony.

20% discount for all ceremonies* held Monday to Friday

*except Seasonal ceremonies

Ceremony writing-only service
75% of the full-service fee.

If you'd like to celebrate a life event I haven't listed or mentioned, I'd be delighted to hear what you have in mind. Please contact me and we'll get creative! 

Advertised prices include up to two Symbolic actions. Travel and overnight accommodation expenses may apply.

Please see FAQ for further details including refund policy.