Celebrate: transformations

Life ain't all about couples you know! (lots more about these ceremonies in my Blog
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Coming out celebrations

from £350 (Monday to Friday - 20% discount)

I opened my own closet door as quietly as possible, slipped through and closed it politely behind me. I came out with a whimper.

But if you want to declare your LGBTQ+ identity publicly and proudly, why not celebrate with your own bespoke ceremony?

Just think about the possibilities.....!

a woman in a wedding dress and leather biker jacket standing by a vintage camper van

Re-birthing celebrations


(     This is an identity ceremony NOT the 'Conscious Energy Breathing' technique of Leonard Orr)

from £350 (Monday to Friday - 20% discount)


Sometimes, something happens that changes us so profoundly that we become a new person.

Whether it's by necessity or choice, adopting a new identity can be an epic undertaking. We may choose to live in an entirely new way. Or we may have no choice.

A Re-birthing ceremony can be a powerful symbolic beginning, and statement of ownership, for that new life.

Adult (Re)Naming celebrations

from £350 (Monday to Friday - 20% discount)



Fundamental to our identities since the dawn of civilization. Naming ceremonies welcome new lives into the fold. But they're not only for the new lives amongst us.

Anyone can take a new name at any age. Adults frequently change their names at different stages of their lives. If you're about to take a new name, consider this: crafting a naming ceremony to celebrate your new identity might be the perfect way to introduce yourself to your new life, family or community.