How I work

So you think you want to hire me...

Email me to arrange a phone chat. We’ll exchange full contact details then, and book a proper meeting.


 At the booking stage...

  • We'll meet (or video chat if you're more than 10 miles away) to discuss your ceremony in depth. This is where we need to get to know each other (coffee/tea and cake are always good) and talk about your ceremony in-depth. How will it look? Who’ll take part? Can I contact them directly? Hopefully it'll be a blast and I'll ask you to complete and sign your booking form. 

  • Allow a couple of hours for this meeting, there's lots to cover!

  • The following day I'll email you a draft of what we discussed, along with a cancellation form (just in case you want to change your mind).

  • I'll pencil your preferred date into my diary and reserve it for 7 days. To secure it just get your booking fee to me (50% of the total fee) within the following 7 days. This constitutes the contract between us.

At the incubation stage...


You then have a sort of 'cooling-off' period of a further 7 days. During this time: 

  • I'll answer any questions about the draft of our in-depth discussion. 

  • If you'd like me to, I'll chat to anyone about their role in the ceremony.

  • I'll send you some initial ideas for readings, music and symbolic actions.

  • If you do decide to cancel, now's the time to do it. Just complete and send me your cancellation form (I need to receive it before the cooling-off period ends) and I'll refund your booking fee. 


But let's assume that everything's fabulous, we click like a clicky thing and you simply can't wait to carry on working with me. What happens next?


At the writing stage...


I'll get down to real creative alchemy of your ceremony, blending all the ingredients we've discussed. 


  • I'll help you finalise your choice of music, poems and other readings.

  • We'll look at symbolic actions or rituals you may want to include. You may want to use one of the ones I've included but there are dozens more. You may even want to create your own. I'd suggest no more than two in any ceremony, so they retain their impact.

  • I'll help you find the best way to tackle 'the vows' if your ceremony calls for them.

  • I'll revise and tweak your ceremony script (up to two full re-drafts) so you’re completely happy with it.

*The balance of the fee is then due before I send   you the final version of your ceremony script

On the day...

I'll arrive in plenty of time to ensure that everybody supporting your ceremony – musicians, photographers/videographers etc. are ready and raring to go.

I’ll also brief anyone who’s actually taking part – readers, performers, witnesses, best man, bridesmaids etc. so they're confident about what they need to do and when. 

Don't forget my writing/planning only option...


If you already have someone very special in mind to conduct your ceremony that's fine – it’s your big day! But I’d still urge you to hire a Celebrant (hopefully me) to help plan the moves and write the words. For details click HERE