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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Gosh! Samhain already.

Sam-what? you may be asking. Let me explain; and for those who don't need or want an explanation, you can twiddle your metaphorical thumbs for a minute.

'Sowin' (that's how it's commonly pronounced) was essentially New Year's Eve for the ancient Celts. A seasonal festival, it marked the end of Nature's fruitful period and the beginning of its dormant one. And as a New Year celebration, it reflected the belief that new things begin in darkness (think of parallels with the womb) and grow into light.

It was also believed to be a time when the barrier between our world and 'other worlds' (the world of the Dead for instance) was particularly tenuous, enabling passage through what's now often referred to in mystical circles as 'the Veil'.

That's where the ghosts and monsters association comes from; entities visiting us from other dimensions.

In more abstract terms, the dormant/dark period at the beginning of the year was often seen as a time for introspection, for winnowing the lessons and experiences of the past twelve months, discarding the chaff, refining the riches and using them to lay plans for the coming months of light, fertility and action. Sage counsel I believe.

Right. Explanation over.

So how are you planning to celebrate Samhain (oh, alright!) Halloween? I'd would LOVE to lead a Halloween-themed ceremony one day. Or perhaps just a diverse and eclectic celebration of the festival itself. Too late for this year I'm afraid, but I'm open to suggestions for next.....

For now, have a spooky and/or contemplative Samhain/Halloween, whatever you chose to call it :)

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