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New Year, new opportunity - Civil Partnership Equality

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

It's a big day for mixed-sex couples who want to formalise their union with an officially recognised ceremony.

From today, Civil Partnerships, until now restricted to same-sex couples, will be available to everyone. So if you're a heterosexual couple who didn't want to get 'married', maybe because the weight of tradition simply isn't your style, you can now have a civil partnership.

Many cohabiting couples think they enjoy similar protections to married or civil partnered couples under the umbrella of so called 'common law marriages', but they don't.

So if things like property, inheritance and pension rights are priorities, you should certainly consider marriage or civil-partnership.

Of course, if you plump for a civil partnership, you can get your legal papers sorted in a statutory ceremony at a Registry Office for about £60 then have a fabulous, totally personalised Celebrant-led ceremony in a venue of your choice.

Just a thought!

Happy New Year !


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