Celebrate: seasons

You don't have to be a Pagan to celebrate the pageant of the seasons. They shape the year and give a unique character and energy to each part. If you are a Pagan (or you're perhaps just a teeny bit curious) there are established seasonal holidays to celebrate, as well others that mark the solstices and equinoxes.
Because I don't follow any specific tradition or system, I can help you explore and celebrate any or all of these holidays, whether you approach them as supernatural or entirely natural occasions (More in my Blog)
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Nature parties! Summer is an extrovert. The leaves are at their glossiest, flowers their gaudiest. Nature is teeming with life, and busy, busy, busy!
Action defines Summer, so celebrate by getting things done. Double-down on a project. You might even want to multi-task? (personally, I'll pass on that one).

You could build your ceremony around themes like abundance, energy, motion or success/achievement. Or just make it a big joyful celebration of warmth and colour! 

The seasons: summer

The seasons: spring

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Nature stirs. Sap is rising, blossom spreads on the bough, ewes are lambing. Re-awaken with a Spring ceremony.
Give yourself a metaphorical stretch and dust off the stale old vibes of Winter. Set new goals, frame intentions, start sowing seeds. Mentally and physically change-up a gear to prepare for the coming action. Spring is a season of anticipation and promise. Celebrate renewal and rebirth in all its forms.
Build your Spring ceremony around these themes.

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The seasons: autumn

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Nature delivers. This is the harvest season. The blossoms and flowers are replaced by fruits and seeds. Everything is fat and ripe.
In many ways this is the most abundant season of the year, but the clock's ticking on the time of plenty.
As the season gets older an urgency creeps in. Fallow Winter lies ahead, so it's time to reap, gather in and lay-up stores. Start winding things up and consolidating what you have.
Soon the world will slow down and become more introverted. Winter will be a time for reflection and inner work, so start thinking of some rewarding 'head stuff' to keep you absorbed.

Use some of these themes in your Autumn ceremony.  

The seasons: winter

Nature regroups. Winter is the time to slow down and conserve energy. Even the sun seems reluctant to exert itself and the days are short and dark.
But new things begin in darkness like seeds in the soil or babes in the womb, and winter is the time to prepare their way. It's a good time to make plans , to use your mind and imagination, to study and set intentions.
Winter ceremonies are all about carrying the hope of light and warmth through the cold dark months and preparing to make the most of the next growth cycle.
And it's a good time to enjoy a bit of nesting; tend to your hearth (literal and metaphorical), make yourself cosy, and indulge in what the Danes call Hygge! 


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