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Achilles & Patroclus. Sid & Nancy. Gaius & Number Six. Merlin & Nimue. Rama & Sita. Frida & Diego. You and...?   (For lots of spiffing stuff about all sorts of ceremonies see my Blog).

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Commitment celebrations

Price £450 

You want to celebrate a special union but you don't want a wedding or civil partnership celebration - have a commitment ceremony instead!

After all, weddings and civil partnerships are basically commitment ceremonies at heart.

And commitment ceremonies aren't only for couples. Anybody (or group of bodies!) can commit: to each other, to an idea, or to a shared endeavour. Perhaps you just want to commit to yourself! 

Create a ceremony with all the razzmatazz of the most spectacular wedding, or something exquisitely intimate. This really is a ceremony for all occasions.


Handfasting celebrations

Price £300


Essentially the ritual binding of a couples' hands with cords or ribbons, a handfasting can be enhanced with vows, readings, music and the individual blessings of friends and loved ones.

Having evolved over centuries from a simple clasping of hands to seal a deal, there are no 'right' or 'wrong' ways of doing it, just a wealth of options that you can personalise to your heart's content.

Include it as a small symbolic action within your ceremony, or make it the main event. Intrigued? And just to clear up one issue: handfasting doesn't equal pagan, so feel free to use it in your celebration whatever your belief system. See my blog for more.


Price £450

Why have a civil partnership now everyone can get married? It's an interesting question. My answer goes something like this.

Even if you're not planning an overtly religious or traditional ceremony, 'marriage' comes with traditional associations and assumptions that are hard-wired into our collective consciousness. And you might not be comfortable with some, or any, of those assumptions.

You might simply want a very specific type of ceremony, or have a dream venue in mind. Perhaps civil partnerships just seem fresh and modern?

If any of these resonate with you a civil partnership ceremony would be a fantastic choice.

Civil partnership celebrations


Price £300

Vow renewal ceremonies are a fantastic way to inject a juicy dose of conscious intent and direction back into an established relationship. Reaffirm promises and re-energise vows. Make new ones inspired by the growth and wisdom that comes with experience, maturity and a life shared. 

You meant them the first time, so make them, and mean them, again!

Vow-renewal celebrations


Wedding celebrations

Price £450

Have you done the legal stuff? Are you now ready to celebrate your union properly, in style, on your terms?

Share your 'couple story' with a host of family and friends, or just a few special souls. Tie the knot in a favourite location. Rock your best frock or suit (or historical/folk/character costume!). Exchange vows, rings or other love tokens under a full moon, at high noon, sunset or sunrise.

Blend your personal, cultural, spiritual and other beliefs to create a ceremony like no other.


Contact me and I'll help you create the wedding day you always wanted!

parting 5.png

Price £300

Endings are every bit as important as beginnings, and deserve just as much thought and attention. Ending something well can tie-up loose ends and clear the ground for the seeds of something new to grow freely. 

The end of a relationship, or of a cherished situation, is often difficult and a messy parting can cause lasting harm and regret.

The creation of a parting or de-coupling ceremony is an opportunity to work through a difficult process in a considered and dignified way. And the ceremony itself can be a symbolic act of release, closure and thanks.