Celebrancy 101

I'll work with you to create ceremonies that immortalise your big moments and forge new meaning, new bonds and new memories for yourself and your loved ones. Mark the chapter headings in your life story - coming out, a naming, a union, a major life change.

I can use your own words, symbols, gestures and rituals to create the ceremony you want, rather than following a civil or religious script (but get your marriage certificate first if you need or want one).

And there's more! If you chose a Celebrant you can have your ceremony anywhere (within the bounds of practicality and subject to any necessary permissions). Registrars and Ministers have to stick to licensed premises and specified times of day.  

Celebrants help you celebrate stuff!

Sorry if that sounds obvious or glib. But the truth is, celebrating can be a serious business. Anyone who's organised a wedding, a surprise 60th birthday party for aunt Agnes or a shindig for the boss's retirement will know it's trickier than it looks.

So it helps to have someone on board who's learned the tricks of the trade, who shares your excitement, but is sufficiently removed from the fizz and pop of the adrenaline to offer practical advice. And someone whose sole purpose is to help you create the most amazing Big Day you possibly can. 

And that's a Celebrant!

You might want to follow some time-honoured tradition, or throw tradition to the wind. And don’t worry about incorporating spiritual, mystical or religious elements. Whatever they may be, in whatever combination, I’m cool with that. And if you want a 100% secular shindig I’m cool with that too. I’m an independent Celebrant.

Costumed or themed? Fine! Unusual venue? Great! When you’ve sketched out your idea, get in touch and we’ll get creative.

It doesn’t matter whether you know what your special day will look like or not. I’m here to coax the best out of you. Together we’ll create a ceremony that is uniquely yours, with words and actions, music and symbols that celebrate your story in your way.